Landlord / Tenant

Issues arising from a Landlord-tenant dispute can be stressful and small disagreements can quickly escalate into major issues in the blink of an eye. Often these conflicts can become personal and emotional for all parties involved. If these disputes are not quickly and adequately resolved, both parties may have to deal with some serious legal and financial consequences.

In Massachusetts, Landlords are held to a very high standard with many rules and regulations governing the condition the premises must be kept in to handling of monies accepted such as security deposits. At Silva Law we represent both Tenants and Landlords to ensure that proper rules are being followed and disputes are properly addressed. If a satisfactory resolution can't be attained then we are prepared to prosecute or defend through the Courts.

If you have an unruly tenant or a bothersome landlord you should contact us today to speak with an experienced attorney who will evaluate your case.